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Climate Change Job Vacancy:

Climate Adaptation Officer, Pew Charitable Trusts

Job Vacancy

Organization: Pew Charitable Trusts Position: Climate Adaptation Officer Duty Station: Washington D.C., US Deadline for Application: until suitable applicant is found

Experience Requirements:  Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required.  At least eight years of experience in the climate change arena, with a particular focus on or familiarity with climate impacts, adaptation, resilience and/or the interaction of the climate and conservation agendas.  Prior to commencing employment with Pew, candidates for this position who were registered to lobby in any jurisdiction must certify termination of previous registration(s) and provide copies of termination notices to Pew.  Knowledge of current climate science, trends, approaches, and leading thinkers. Experience with international climate policy frameworks (e.g., National Adaptation Plans) and multilateral systems (e.g., UNFCCC) preferred.  Politically astute; able to understand the needs and motivations of different individuals and international institutions and conceptualize win-win scenarios that satisfy multiple agendas among multiple stakeholders.  Strong diplomatic skills. Able to work productively with a wide array of different people and institutions that often disagree with or are in competition with one another.  Able to be flexible, creative, and assume high accountability for all areas of responsibility. A strong commitment to producing measurable results.  Able to set short- and long-term planning goals in line with program strategy. A task- oriented style, with focus on achieving clear and ambitious goals. Demonstrated ability to meet multiple deadlines by maintaining a high level of organization. Able to develop and move projects forward with a high degree of independence and autonomy.  Able to synthesize and analyze large amounts of information, focus quickly on the essence of an issue, determine whether it is ripe for intervention, and identify means to address it.  Seasoned judgment, able to justify recommendations, and be responsive, clear and firm with colleagues and partners.  Strong interpersonal skills; able to develop and manage productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Excellent listening skills. Highly articulate.  Possesses a strong network of relevant contacts that can provide expert information and advance results. Able to leverage relationships to influence positive outcomes.  Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills, such that complex ideas, thoughts and concepts are clearly articulated for both general and expert audiences. Proficiency in English required; additional language skills preferred.  Able to adapt to a complex working environment in which influence is often exerted indirectly rather than through traditional chain of command hierarchies. Successful experience in leveraging ideas and creating projects that produce measurable results. Links Job Announcement: