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Expert Support to the Climate Finance Innovators Project


Climate Finance Innovators/ Perspectives Climate Group GmbH


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Job Location


Applicant Location Requirements

Uganda    East Africa    global    

Application Deadline

November 15, 2023

Required qualification:
• Master’s degree or higher in a relevant discipline (e.g. environmental science, geography, economics, engineering);
• At least 8 years of professional experience in carbon markets, with specific experience with the implementation of the Clean Development Mechanism in Africa;
• Experience in providing research and consulting services on UNFCCC market mechanisms, including a demonstrated understanding of baseline and monitoring methodologies;
• Advanced knowledge of the transition process from the CDM to Art.6.4 mechanism, with a particular focus on Uganda. Demonstrated previous experience (e.g. technical expert contributions to relevant CDM methodologies or related regulatory developments) is an asset;
• Demonstrated research and writing competences, with a proven track record of own publications;
• Demonstrated professional experience in Uganda and other Eastern African Countries. Demonstrated experience with regional /local institutions in Uganda is an asset;
• Full professional proficiency in written and spoken English.

In addition to specialist qualifications, the following qualifications are required:
• Team skills;
• Self-initiative and independent work skills;
• Communication skills;
• Sociocultural competence;
• Efficient, partner- and client-focused working methods;
• Interdisciplinary thinking

Special Requirements
The overarching objective of this assignment is to support the remaining tasks of the Climate Finance Innovators Project for capacity building in Uganda in two phases. This includes: Phase 1: (i) Provide support in stakeholder engagement and capacity building in Uganda until 31.12.2023, with particular focus on supporting Uganda in the transition from CDM to Art.6.4 (ii) Provide organisational and content input to capacity building activities on national and regional levels; (iii)Engage in a regular coordination within the project team responsible for preparing the GCF proposal. Phase 2: Potential contract extension for follow-up activities until 31.12.2024. Task 1. Support in stakeholder engagement and capacity building activities This task includes, among others, attending and actively contributing to stakeholder engagement meetings and capacity building workshops in Uganda until the end of 2023 (phase 1), with a possibility of extension until June 2024 (phase 2). The consultant shall provide expert contributions to capacity building activities in Uganda (workshops, briefing notes, regular consultation and potentially events such as validation workshops) and help facilitate meetings and provide specific and limited content related input. These activities take place both in virtual settings over common videoconferencing platforms (ZOOM, MS teams), but also potentially through physical workshops and meetings in Uganda. Task 2. Engage in coordinative processes with project team The consultant will closely coordinate his/her activities with the project team led by Perspectives, but also including consortium partners and national and regional stakeholders. This will include weekly and monthly update calls and virtual/physical bilateral meetings (on-demand). For any work related to this assignment, the consultant is expected to be familiar with the UNFCCC process and existing work of the Climate Finance Innovators project (incl. CDM transition procedures). Timeline and deliverables The mandatory start date is as early as possible but at the latest by November 20, 2023. The consultant should demonstrate his/her timely availability. The duration of the assignment spans the months November to December 2023 (phase 1) and an extension (optional) January to June 2024 (phase 2). Timelines may shift depending on whether the main contract with IKI may be potentially extended beyond the current contract duration. The assignment is estimated to require circa 8 person days (20 November to 31 December 2023), with the possibility to increase an additional up to 20 person days in 2024 if requested by the project, and agreed in writing by the Consultant.

Apply online or via email