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Climate Change Job Vacancy:

Food and Water Security Expert, Australia Pacific Climate Partnership Support Unit

Job Vacancy

Organization: Australia Pacific Climate Partnership Support Unit Position: Food and Water Security Expert Duty Station: Remote Deadline for Application: 24 May 2019

Term: Draw-down contract over 12 months Experience Requirements: Proven research capability and practical experience in the fields of agriculture, agribusiness, natural resource management and/or integrated water management in the Pacific region. Proven ability to conduct and effectively communicate analytical studies and syntheses of knowledge related to climate change and food and water security in the Pacific region. Experience working with stakeholders in Pacific Island countries to develop contextual, site specific practical solutions to address the impacts of climate change on food production and water management systems, to address barriers and challenges, and develop climate informed and resilient systems Capability in tailoring complex technical information to make it accessible and useful for people in government, businesses and communities. Contact Name: Jane Lehmann Email: Links Job Announcement: