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Climate Change Job Vacancy:

Land-Use and Forests (LUF) Innovation Officer, Gold Standard Foundation

Job Vacancy

Organization: Gold Standard Foundation Position: Land-Use and Forests (LUF) Innovation Officer Duty Station: Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland | or remote working in the United Kingdom, Germany and India Deadline for Application: 19 August 2022

Term: Full time position Experience Requirements: Master’s or higher degree in Remote Sensing applied to Forestry or Agriculture with experience in climate change and statistical analysis 2-4 years of experience in climate-smart technologies and practices in research and implementation. Candidates with experience as a carbon project developer and/or auditor is an advantage. 2-4 years of experience conducting remote sensing analysis (active and passive sensors) in forestry and agriculture applications. 2-4 years of experience conducting statistical analysis in the context of forestry, agriculture, biodiversity, and/or blue carbon (mangroves, seagrasses, others) Deep understanding of climate-smart technologies and practices (e.g. cover cropping, reduced/zero-till, crop rotation) and land-use, forestry afforestation/reforestation (A/R), improved forest management (IFM) Experience in biodiversity monitoring is desirable; understanding of biodiversity monitoring is required. Understanding of blue carbon technologies and practices is desirable. Wide knowledge of climate change, environmental markets and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Excellent organizational and time management skills, with strong attention to detail. Excellent communication skills with the ability to work with a range of team members based all around the world. Fluency in English is essential (written and verbal). Ability to legally work in region of residence. Links Job Announcement: