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Climate Change Job Vacancy:

Oil and Gas Specialist, CATF

Job Vacancy

Organization: Clean Air Task Force (CATF) Position: Oil and Gas Specialist Duty Station: Flexible within the European Union Deadline for Application: until suitable applicant is found

Term: This is a full-time, funding-dependent position Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. • Demonstrated international travel ability and enthusiasm, including in the developing world. • Strong organizational skills, with keen attention to planning and contingency plans, detail-oriented, strong follow-through, and a commitment to high-quality work. • Proficient photographer with interest in becoming a certified optical gas imaging thermographer. • Strong computer skills, including comfort with the Microsoft Office Suite. • Photograph and video editing experience. • Excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills. • Self-starter who enjoys taking initiative and helping others. • A valid passport and the ability to travel 60 percent or more of the time is essential. Destinations may include, but shall not be limited to: Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Côte D’Ivoire, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Romania, and Senegal. • Strong English language ability necessary; additional language skills highly valued (French and German in particular). • Passion for CATF’s mission. Contact Email: Links Job Announcement: Organization's Website: