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Climate Change Job Vacancy:

Researcher, Decarbonisation and Net-Zero Transitions, European Climate Foundation

Job Vacancy

Organization: European Climate Foundation Position: Researcher, Decarbonisation and Net-Zero Transitions Duty Station: Anywhere within a 3-hour time difference of Central European Time, with reliable internet connection Deadline for Application: until suitable applicant is found

Experience Requirements: Essential: 5-8 years of professional experience in the decarbonisation, energy and economics space, with a track record of producing impactful, influential research materials. Excellent instincts about designing effective research-led interventions in the climate & energy space, and a track record of producing impactful work. Ability to confidently research, analyse and discuss key prevailing macroeconomic concepts, models and frameworks, and to work with others to assess the implications for both national structural policies and international trade, capital flows, etc. Relevant issue expertise, which might include a specialization in the energy sector, decarbonisation pathways for hard-to-abate sectors, just transition, or financial analysis at the sector or asset level. Experience in data-driven research. Excellent writing skills in English, and strong presentation skills. The drive to be self-directed and work nimbly and generously over phone/video conferencing, timezones, etc. A commitment to an inclusive and empowering approach to tackle climate change. Desirable: Strong editorial skills and editing experience. Additional language skills. Experience of working in a consultancy setting. Strong regional knowledge of EU and/or Asia energy sector developments. Research contacts and expertise tailored to particular regions or issues. Strong specialist communications skills in one or more of these areas: data journalism, infographic design, media analysis. Contact Email: Links Job Announcement: