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Climate Change Job Vacancy:

Senior Audience Insight Analyst, European Climate Foundation

Job Vacancy

Organization: European Climate Foundation Position: Senior Audience Insight Analyst Duty Station: Global. You must have the required work permit for your location Deadline for Application: 28 August 2020

Experience Requirements: Essential: Sophisticated understanding of the art and science of audience insights; Understanding of how to design polling to influence specific media targets and other audiences; A track record of working with/for polling agencies on strategic communications work, and a strong understanding of the field; Experience of a wide range of audience insight approaches - polling, focus groups, message testing, audience segmentation - and an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each; Experience presenting findings to internal and external audiences and contributing insights from research effectively; Insight into the challenges of undertaking audience analysis across multiple geographies and contexts; Some familiarity with major issues in the climate and energy space; An entrepreneurial and collaborative approach; The disposition to work generously with colleagues in a high-trust global community of peers; The strong multidisciplinary skills necessary to flourish in a fast-paced and wide-ranging work environment and work nimbly across phone/video conferencing, time zones, slack, email, Trello, etc.; A commitment to an inclusive and empowering approach to facing climate change. Desirable: Experience of audience insight work outside western geographies; Experience with digital audience work undertaken through social media and other platforms, and/or designing online message testing and audience analysis work; A strong understanding of the climate and energy space and/or international public opinion around the same; A strong network of contacts in the audience insight field; Data visualization and presentation skills. Contact Name: Emma Fraser Email: Links Job Announcement: