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Climate Change Job Vacancies is a job board and enewsletter service provided by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). IISD does not assume responsibility for any of the jobs posted herein, and the positions listed here have no relationship to employment opportunities with IISD unless explicitly noted.

IISD provides this service as one way to foster a community of practice among international climate change policymakers. If your organization wishes to announce a position, please complete the automated form with the following details:

  • Organization (Name/Acronym/Homepage)
  • Position (Title/Department/Project)
  • Term, Experience Level, Special Requirements
  • Your Web Address for this Job Posting (attachments received will not be distributed)
  • Date (Deadline for Application/Starting Date)
  • Duty Station (City/ies and Country/ies)
  • Contact Information (Name, Address, City, Country, ZIP/Postal Code, Phone, Fax, Email)

An email is sent every Wednesday to tens of thousands of subscribers around the world with current postings. The submission deadline for inclusion is Tuesdays @ 10:00 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

To join the Climate Change Job Vacancies Update mailing list, subscribe here.