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Principal/Senior Research Fellow – Climate and Sustainability




Climate and Sustainability

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Job Location

London, UK    

Applicant Location Requirements

London, UK    

Application Deadline

March 28, 2024

A Principal Research Fellow at ODI will be internationally recognised as a leading authority in their particular research or policy field. They will have made a significant and distinctive contribution to sustainable development, manifest through high-quality publications (demonstrating through the quality of the journal or level of citations) and/or policy influence (demonstrated through compelling stories of change backed up by credible references). Principal Research Fellows will also have a strong track record of team building and business development.

A Senior Research Fellow at ODI will be widely recognised as an established authority in their particular research or policy field. They will have a substantial and distinctive body of research, advisory work and/or public affairs to their name, plus several years of experience in leadership positions.

Special Requirements
We are recruiting for two new positions at Principal/Senior Research Fellow level. The roles will specialise in just energy transitions and/or sustainable finance to help lead and coordinate our broad portfolio of work in this space. The successful candidates will be responsible for: • Designing, fundraising for, conducting and managing high-quality, innovative projects, drawing on expertise across the institute; • Providing technical assistance and policy advice to senior decision-makers; • Participating in public affairs and representing the institute on major research and policy agendas, in line with the Institute’s overall strategy (which includes a dedicated pillar on tackling the climate, environment and biodiversity crisis). While based in the Climate and Sustainability Programme, the successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with ODI colleagues across other programmes including Politics and Governance (POGO), Development and Public Finance (DPF), Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and International Economic Development (IEDG). The successful candidates will also have the opportunity to work with our exceptional network of partners and clients, including national and subnational governments, civil society organisations, businesses and research institutes on six continents.

Apply online or via email