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Science and Innovation Officer, Climate Solutions Catalyst – Undaunted


Imperial College London


Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment

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Job Location

London, UK    

Applicant Location Requirements

United Kingdom    

Application Deadline

March 6, 2024

The Grantham Institute is now launching an exciting new experimental activity at the very start of the climate innovation pipeline: the Climate Solutions Catalyst. The objective of the programme is to test the hypothesis that the UK university sector has already made discoveries and inventions that can help tackle climate change, if only they can be found and supported properly. Working collaboratively with as many other UK universities as possible, and a full range of stakeholders, this two-year trial programme will try and unearth neglected climate solutions from the full breadth and depth of the UK research community, and then test potential support offers for these solutions and the researchers and innovators that discovered them.

This project has the potential to have significant impact in tackling climate change and improving the climate innovation pipeline in the UK and, eventually, more widely.

We are looking to hire someone with a good understanding of the climate change problem space where innovations are needed, coupled with project management skills and the natural curiosity required to support the delivery of this programme, working in a team under the leadership of the Head of the Climate Solutions Catalyst, and alongside a project administrator and machine learning specialist.

Special Requirements
You will have a critical role in delivering various aspects of the programme and maintaining working relationships with a range of key actors. We are looking for someone with experience of working in any part of the broad climate research community, with knowledge and expertise of support for innovation, preferably with a network and experience in the UK. You will have the interest, flexibility and drive to engage actively with a new programme and the curiosity to explore the trial aspects of this programme, responding to findings and insights provided by a range of sources. You will have a combination of strong analytical and communication skills.

Apply online or via email