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Science Officer, Super Pollutants


Clean Air Fund


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London, United Kingdom    New Delhi, India    Accra, Ghana    South Africa, Johannesburg    

Applicant Location Requirements

United Kingdom    India    Ghana    South Africa    

Application Deadline

May 6, 2024

The Science Officer – Super Pollutants will help to deliver the Clean Air Fund’s mission by providing scientific expertise and science communications support to the Super Pollutants portfolio, the black carbon initiative, and other core work areas. This includes the design and management of philanthropic projects and partnerships that require technical input, research and analysis spanning climate science and health impacts, and designing and reviewing communications that are scientifically accurate and accessible.

As the Science Officer, you will provide technical and project support for the Super Pollutants portfolio and the black carbon initiative. You will draw on your scientific research experience and science communications abilities, supporting projects with technical input and researching,
analysing and creating accurate scientific communications spanning climate science and health impacts.

You will have a knack for distilling information into policy-relevant insights and accessible external communications – your way with words and understanding of audience demographics will ensure the clarity and impact of your messaging.

Whilst your research background will give you the essential insight and expertise to contribute widely, this role is where your academic prowess comes to life delivering real world impact. You will engage directly with partner organisations and integrate your technical expertise into the
design, management and delivery of projects within the portfolio to ensure the case for action on black carbon is supported by a foundation of strong, accurate science that helps resolve scientific bottlenecks that are inhibiting progress.

Throughout, you will keep abreast of developments within the fields of super pollutants, climate mitigation and climate adaptation especially related to science and research, policy development, innovation, technology and impact analyses and portfolio relevant developments.

Please note – this is not a research role. Your research experience will have got you here – now it is time to put that knowledge and academic horsepower to work in a role that will offer you exposure to opportunities to grow your career and to be part of an ambition to change the world for the better.

Apply online or via email