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International Climate Program Coordinator


Health Care Without Harm (HCWH)


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Applicant Location Requirements

Preference given to candidates between US East Coast and India    

Application Deadline

April 19, 2024

Position Description

The International Climate Program Coordinator is an essential team member of the global team, working with different internal and external stakeholders, network partners, and HCWH offices and regional climate teams to make sure our teams are coordinated and can smoothly and successfully implement and deliver key activities and outcomes that lead to the achievement of our strategic goals.

Key responsibilities:
– Management; working closely with the International Climate Director to ensure that team, regional offices, and partner work plans are in line with grant objectives and strategic priorities.
– Lead the operational support for different events, online and in-person, for team members. These may include events organized, or in which team members take a leading role, including Climate weeks, large conferences such as the Conference of Parties, World Health Assembly, training events and campaigns.
– Work with International Climate Director and International Finance Coordinator to ensure staff know what budgets to charge for different programmatic activities and report spending rates for decision-making
– Work with MEL and reporting manager, development, IT and communications teams to ensure seamless coordination with these departments.
– Ensure internal communications on purpose, next steps and deliverables of meetings and calls are noted and followed up on, using Asana and other tools at our disposal.
– Prepare contracts and agreements required for the International Climate Team to implement activities, and that these follow our internal procedures and are signed in a timely manner.
– Schedule calls and agendas for bilateral meetings with partners and offices, between teams, and amongst collaborators on different projects. Ensure that these are kept up to date.
– Maintain files, notes, and materials classified and organized in shared drives, ensuring staff know how to access them, and that files are accessible to the correct teams. Lead the project management of key processes and championing Climate objectives on grant and financial


– Education: Bachelor’s degree in public health, international affairs, business administration or a related field. Advanced degrees or certifications in program management highly desired. Combined experience and education can serve as a substitute for minimum education.
– Professional Experience: A minimum of 3 years in program coordination roles.
– Expertise: In-depth knowledge of Google Docs, Meet, and Calendar administration, proficiency in knowledge management across various systems and platforms, Asana or other similar project management systems.
– Multicultural Experience: Proven ability to work effectively in multicultural settings, with experience in global or international communications highly preferred.
– Language Skills: Proficiency in English is essential. Fluency in Spanish and other secondary languages preferred.
– Virtual Work Proficiency: Comfortable and experienced working in virtual or remote environments, demonstrating the ability to collaborate effectively across different time zones and digital platform

Special Requirements
COMPETENCIES REQUIRED: – Accountability: takes responsibility for all work activities and personal actions; follows through on commitments; implements decisions that have been agreed upon; maintains confidentiality with sensitive information; acknowledges and learns from mistakes without blaming others; meets deadlines and satisfies promises; recognizes the impact of one’s behavior on others; – Adaptability: responds to changing circumstances by being innovative and altering behavior to better fit different situations; consistently exhibits optimism and energy; learns new skills, performs work in different ways; successfully works with new colleagues; professionally deals with personal discomfort in a changing work environment; willing to be flexible; and remains calm in stressful situations; – Initiative: takes action to improve a situation without waiting for explicit instructions; understands how one’s own actions relate to the organization(s)’ and department’s strategic goals; recognizes and responds to opportunities in order to reach a goal; seeks new and improved techniques, solutions, and approaches to completing assignments; – Managing Resources: allocates time and resources efficiently and effectively; prioritizes work and delegates as appropriate; works to minimize institutional risk by acting as a responsible steward for the organization(s); chooses priorities to align with organizational mission and priorities; – Service Orientation: acts professionally and calmly at all times when interacting with others; consistently demonstrates concern and courtesy towards colleagues and customers; treats all people respectfully; takes personal responsibility for correcting problems; “owns” problems and seeks to achieve resolution to them appropriately; follows up with individuals to ensure satisfaction with the level of service they have received; – Valuing Diversity: treats all individuals fairly and respectfully, works effectively with others, regardless of their background, position, or status; ensures that opportunities are equally available to all; respects different values and viewpoints; – Working Collaboratively: works collegially with others, cooperating in both interpersonal and team relationships; fosters enthusiasm and maintains mutual trust, candor and respect; adds value in collaborative processes rather than merely passing challenges forward. If applicable, manages groups effectively and builds partnerships with others; – Administrative Literacy: demonstrates appreciation of the organizational imperatives of the organizational administrative function, and contributes to effective and efficient organizational operations; submits forms completely in a timely manner; seeks clarification about organizational administrative matters when in doubt; models responsiveness to administrative necessities; complies with organizational policy; – Clear Communication: expresses oneself clearly and effectively when speaking and/or writing to individuals or groups; listens attentively; ensures that information is understood by all parties; shares information in a timely manner using the most appropriate method; presents well-organized information in a group setting; chooses appropriate audience(s) for communications; – Organization/Project Management: organizes substantial amounts of information by creating and maintaining well organized systems; follows logical approaches to completing work; brings a project from inception to successful completion, and follows up, as appropriate; translates strategies into step-by-step plans for action; monitors work progress to completion; effectively prioritizes and chooses projects to support and advance coherent organizational mission; pays close attention to detail. – Problem Solving: generates creative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities; identifies and weighs options, makes sound decisions after reviewing all relevant information; anticipates and plans for potential problems; takes calculated risks; recognizes impact of solutions; – Managing Performance sets clear goals and expectations performance review process; fosters learning and development;

Apply online or via email